7 Reasons To Put Fat Into Your Protein Shake

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Protein… for anybody that exercises, it’s an important nutrient for the body to recover from the workout it was given. It’s so important that many people will drink protein in the form of a shake. However, did you know that you need another important nutrient in your shake to make it even healthier? That’s right! You’re still missing a vital nutrient that makes that protein shake even healthier. That nutrient is fat!

Yes, fat! Why should you be adding fat to your low-carb, protein-laden shake?

7 Reasons Fat Is Your Friend


There’s a misnomer floating around the health community that carbohydrates are what give your body the energy it needs. Sorry to burst your bubble, but they don’t. Carbs release insulin in the body. When your blood sugar levels rise from eating carbs, the body releases insulin to address the sugar. This causes your blood sugar levels to drop… quick.

Fats, however, don’t lead to insulin release and will slow the insulin’s response to carbs and protein. Fat is what keeps you energetic. On top of that, the MCTs found in both MCT oil powder and coconut oil are rapidly absorbed into the blood, giving you an ample and steady stream of energy all day or allow you to get through a workout without a problem.

If you need to, use oil powders, as they have a fiber known substrate.


The majority of people have no clue that the body’s hormones comprise of saturated fats. One of the most important hormones for bodybuilders is testosterone. If you consume saturated fats such as grass-fed butter, it can increase your level of testosterone and keep the hormones in check.

Better Working Supplements

Add that fat to your protein shake so that your body can better and more effectively absorb the micronutrients you consume. There are many fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin D. In order to get as much nutrient absorption as you can from your protein, add coconut oil, MCT powder or butter to it.

Improvement In Gut Health

The great thing about grass-fed butter is the acid known as butyrate that it contains. Butyrate consists of healing properties that enable the inner linings of intestines to heal, ensuring that nutrients you consume are easily absorbed and decreases the chance for gut inflammation.

Burns Fat

If you consume MCTs fats, you’re giving your body a plethora of energy to use. This will cause the body to burn fat instead of storing it. Yes, fat will burn fat.

Mental Clarity and Performance

Another reason to add fat into your protein shake is the increased mental clarity and performance it adds. MCTs will travel right to your bloodstream, not the liver.

This means your body has an ample supply of energy that causes the liver to release ketones, which stimulate the brain. Add MCT oil to your coffee, hot chocolate or shake to think much clearer. Add it to a pre-workout shake so you can concentrate heavily on the workout.

Liver Health

A fatty liver comes with a host of problems to boost such as diabetes. However, fat consumption will cause the liver to release fat to reduce the chance of fatty liver syndrome. Yes, fat is a win for you and your overall health.

As you see, fat is not the bane of your existence. Your body needs it to feel and look better – to stay healthy. And, your brain needs to think a little clear. Go ahead and add a little fat to your diet today.

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