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About us

Our company was founded in 2007 by consumer and visionary Gijs Starre. Beginning in the Netherlands Starre began his company as mission to provide high quality natural products and supplements to the masses.

To begin this journey, Starre began to manufacture high quality one hundred percent pure marine phytoplankton and make it available to customers at extremely affordable prices. During this process he found that many of the better, purer health supplements were reserved as a miracle product for the rich. Over time, Starre was able to work with companies that were able to provided clean uncontaminated great quality products at a price that was more affordable to the people he was serving.

Starre believes “It is our vision that everyone should be able to have access to the great benefits that [natural supplements] can bring to people’s mental and physical well-being. And we have always aimed to bring that vision to life by creating high quality, affordable products.” He does just that with his multitude of natural products like Acerola Cherry Powder, Acai Berry Powder, Sunflower and Soy Lecithin, MCT Powder, Marine Phytoplankton Capsules, and L Carnosine Supplement.

Starre is able to live out his goals and dreams by creating products that he can be proud of and his customers can afford. The Mr. Ros and Phyto4life manufacturing process is able to produce the highest level quality lecithin, marine phytoplankton, and other natural supplements, so he is able to provide his customers with an “all natural way to improve their overall well-being,” and that is some of the greatest satisfaction he could ever get.

At our company we respect and appreciate the all the science that goes into finding out the details and components that allow our products to work, but we also know that it is the real proof from the users and customers that can really show and testify how wonderful our products are. Mr. Ros guarantees that his line of products are all non-GMO, and complies with governing regulations and follows the best business practices of the supplement industry.


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Gijs Starre

Founder and Creator of Mr. Ros Products


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