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To be sure our customers are getting the best non-genetically modified organisms (non -GMO) on the market we adhere to the regulations set forth by the European Council of Agricultural Ministers (EC) and follow the best practices of the industry.

Our consumers want to be sure they are making the best decision when purchasing their supplements and products, and we provide important information, so they can feel comfortable moving forward shopping with us. We take pride in providing our customers with the information they need so they can be confident they are getting a natural, healthy, and organic product.


As a health supplement company who is regulated by the European Union (EU) these are a few of the reasons why we are a trusted source in the industry and stand out above the competition.

We produce lecithin that comes from soybeans, sunflower, and canola or rapeseeds, and whether you purchase the liquid or the deoiled products our customers can be sure they are developed in a safe and regulated environment. The crops we use for our lecithin are grown organically without the use of pesticides or insecticides which can taint the purity of the crop. For example, our deoiled sunflower is produced from organically grown raw sunflower kernels that are grown in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Italy and Argentina. These are all places that are known for their organic farming and crops.


Over the last 20 or more years, organic all-natural soybeans have systematically been replaced GMO’s which means a lot of the soy lecithin people are getting are created from GMO seeds and crops. Although lecithin is in abundance, it has become more and more difficult to find a company who is not using GMO products and seeds. We are committed to using 100% non-GMO products produced throughout Europe and South America to ensure our customers are getting great quality lecithin. There are several regulatory and processing systems in place throughout each phase of the process to ensure we are truly producer of non-GMO products.

EU Regulations and Transparency

 There are several different regulations that govern the growth and production of our lecithin. The European Council of Agricultural Ministers is the most governing body of our organic company, and we closely follow the regulations they have set forth. These regulations enforce non-GMO traceability from the origin of the seed to transportation and processing of raw materials to the finished lecithin product (EC-Regulations 1829/2003 and 1830/2003). We take these regulations seriously and want our customers to be confident that when we say “organic” and “non-GMO” we mean it and can back it up.


The organic lecithin we produce is certified by ECOCERT which is one of the largest certifying organic organizations in the world. ECOCERT is also accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) which monitors food quality and standards in the US. When organic lecithins are certified by ECOCERT there is a traceability seed origin which guarantees that GMO seed contamination is impossible.

Our product also holds two non-GMO certifications. One is a non-GMO certification that comes from the Eurofins Identity Preservation Control Program Standard (IP). This certification standard shows that the lecithin has remained organic and non-GMO from farmer growth to consumer purchase. The other non-GMO certification we have obtained is from the Non-GMO Project Verified in the United States. This certification is granted through an independent certification process that checks products, through testing, to make sure they are using best practices in the avoidance of GMO’s.

We are also Kosher Certified by London Beth Din of Kashrut Division, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of our lecithin without restriction.


We herewith confirm that our powdered sunflower lecithin, is being produced in Poland using raw material and processed in The Netherlands using raw material from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Italy and Argentina. Our products are of organic non-GMO origin and are traceable through the product chain in accordance with 1829/2003/EC.

It is important for us that customers know where their products are coming from and that they are produced in a regulated environment. Check out all of our products on our PRODUCTS page and  Mr.Ros on amazon.com.

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