Phytoplankton: What Are They and What Nutrients Do They Have

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Many people make the mistake of assuming that phytoplankton are plants. However, like seaweed, it’s not. Phytoplankton is actually a microalgae and plankton, which are freshwater and marine organisms that are minute in size and unable to swim against currents.

This type of plankton have parts that are similar to plants (animal-like plankton are called zooplankton). Bacterioplankton help to absorb nutrients in the water.

Not A Seaweed Or Ocean Plant

Remember, phytoplankton are not seaweed or ocean plants. They’re not plants or animals. Instead, they are considered protists, which includes any group of unique eukaryotic (mainly unicellular microscopic organisms).

The sun provides the phytoplankton with energy whereas their nutrients are attained from water. About 50% to 85% of the planet’s oxygen is generated by this kind of plankton process; the rest of it is generated by the land plant photosynthesis.

How Can You Use Phytoplankton?

There are different ways to attain phytoplankton in your diet: liquid supplement form, and powdered or capsule format.

If you’re using the concentrated green supplements, placing it under the tongue is typically the best way in which to attain the benefits. Should you find this method too strong, adding it to water or juice may be necessary. The supplement can be added to salad dressings, smoothies and other things.

Any phytoplankton product needs to be stored in a dry, cool location.

What Are The Nutritional Values Of Phytoplankton?

Phytoplankton has a plethora of nutrients including but not limited to:

〈 Amino acids
〈 Antioxidants
〈 Carotenoids
〈 Minerals
〈 Omega-3 essential fatty acids
〈 Phytonutrients
〈 Protein
〈 Vitamins

Phytoplankton is known to have an alkaline pH. If your diet consists of soda, refined sugar, processed foods and other things, it can cause acidity levels to rise in the body. If you want an alkaline diet, adding phytoplankton to your diet is something to consider.

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