Sunflower Lecithin

Sunflower Deoiled Lecithin Powder 1 lb (16 Oz)- Non-GMO- Soy FREE- Superfood Lecithin Supplement – Over 50 ***** on Amazon

  • MIRACULOUS HEALTH SUPPLEMENT – Mr Ros Sunflower Lecithin is an excellent source of Phosphatidylcholine which is the main lipid component in cell membranes, making it essential to every cell in the body. It has enormous health benefits – be it your brain cells, cardiovascular function, health of liver, fat transport and fat metabolism, physical performance and muscle endurance, improved healing, better sleep, improvement of memory or healthy reproduction and child development.
  • SOY-FREE, NON-GMO SUNFLOWER LECITHIN – Unlike Soy Lecithin which raised concerns because of soy’s naturally high phytoestrogen levels, the sunflower Lecithin doesn’t have any such issues. The wider community now acknowledges the adverse effects of Soy Lecithin and the benefits of Sunflower Lecithin as a superfood. The effect of this health supplement powder is enhanced manifolds when mixed with acerola powder (check our other products). Moreover, it is derived from NON-GMO Sunflowers!
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY BREASTFEEDING MOTHERS; A supplement to help prevent clogged ducts and mastitis- As recommended by midwives and mothers
  • 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure that just in a matter of few days you will see the health benefits of this KOSHER Superfood and would love yourselves for discovering it at an early stage itself.
  • Soy-Free – Non-Soy Lecithin – Eliminates high Phytoestrogen level issue


Product Description

Are you someone conscious about your health but do not like taking several health supplements every day?

Would you not like to have a health supplement that could take care of almost every aspect of your health and is considered to be a powerful natural superfood?

Do you already understand the benefits of Lecithin but are discouraged by the adverse effects of Soy Lecithin?

Well, not anymore! We bring to you an incredible Superfood that eliminates the disadvantages associated with Soy benefits and offers only the benefits of Lecithin:


Mr Ros Sunflower lecithin is extremely essential to every cell in the body and offers such huge health benefits that you would not hesitate for a while to try it. Did you know that your brain mass is nearly one-third comprised of Lecithin alone? When you look at Lecithin, you will see a fatty substance that is brownish yellow in color and is found in every living thing on the planet. Lecithin also contains a lot of Choline, which is an integral part of cell membrane; the Phospholipid portion to be exact. Men require about 550 mg daily while women should get 400 mg daily. Consuming more Lecithin daily would be greatly beneficial; these numbers are just theminimum requirements to achieve optimal health benefits. There are numerous different varieties of Lecithin available on the market but Sunflower Lecithin is by far the healthiest type. Below you will see some benefits offered by Sunflower Lecithin in further detail. You will find more benefits in our Lecithin guide which will be emailed to you after buying Sunflower Lecithin Powder

How is Our Sunflower Lecithin Better?

✔ Soy-Free – Non-Soy Lecithin – Eliminates high Phytoestrogen level issue
✔ Derived from NON-GMO SunFlowers
✔ Kosher
✔ Manifold benefits when mixed with Acerola Powder (check our other products)

100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – no questions asked.

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