6 Natural/Organic Pet shops San Francisco in the USA

According to the American Pet Products Association’s (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey 2019-2020, 67% of the U.S families own a pet. This suggests that Americans fancy pets to a great extent. Considering this ratio, pet grooming and food shops are in demand all around the USA. You will find different pet stores in the streets of San Francisco.

There are plenty of organic pet stores for your four-legged buddies in San Francisco. We have listed the top 6 organic pet stores for you to pamper your pets with organic treats, toys, and other items. We understand the fact that pet owners are passionate about basic and luxury items for their pets.

These organic pet stores provide all-natural products for your pets to enjoy, such as raw and handmade treats. If you are looking for eco-friendly products and healthy food products for your pet, then this list is for you.

1 . Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Food Store

Location: 284 Noe St., San Francisco.

The décor of the shop is not only welcoming but also seasonal. The staff meets every pet with enthusiasm and provides suggestions according to the needs of the customers. Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Food Store started ten years ago and is situated in three different locations. This shop offers a wide variety of locally produced and eco-friendly products for your pet dogs and cats. Furthermore, the store also provides training classes for your pet.

Jeffrey’s Natural Pet food is one of the top organic pet stores in San Francisco because of many reasons. First of all, they manufacture and sell raw and handmade pet food, which is made up of all-natural ingredients. Secondly, other pet items are created with environment-friendly materials. The shop was founded by Jeffrey Doston, who discovered his two cats healing from a raw food diet. Later on, he started this chain, manufacturing nutritious food and treats for dogs and cats.

2 . Bernal Beast

Location: 509 Cortland Ave, San Francisco

Bernal Beast is another organic pet store loved by many pet owners living in San Francisco. You will see advertisement signs on the front window with consultation details, food products, and adopting pets. A certain percentage of the sold products go to animal rescue groups.

You can find a wide variety of organic food and other products on the website of Bernal Beast. The site continuously gets updated with new products, deals, or announcements. You can also check their contact details and ask for information before visiting the store.

There is a whole section of treats for dogs and cats, along with bulk bins that offer biscuits for dogs who behave well. Another section in the shop has fish tanks; you can buy fish, including goldfish, guppies, etc. The prices are also affordable, which is why Bernal Beast is the first choice of many pet owners.

3 . The Animal Connection

Location: 2550 Judah St. (Corner of 31st & Judah), San Francisco

The Animal Connection is also one of the most popular organic pet stores in San Francisco and was founded in 1987. The staff is experienced, knowledgeable, and extremely companionate towards every pet that comes into the store. Other than pet food products, they also provide grooming and boarding services.

If you are leaving town for a few days and need a professional boarding service, then Animal Connection is your option.The Animal Connection store has a huge collection of premium dog and cat diet foods made up of all-natural ingredients. Other than cats and dogs food items, they also have cages, accessories, and toys for other pets, including reptiles, amphibians, and fish.

They also rescue animals, provide full treatment, and put them up for adoption. This shop offers free wing and nail grooming for small animals and birds. People can take advantage of the unbeatable prices of the services and organic pet food at the Animal Connection store.

4 . Animal House

Location: 157 Fillmore St, San Francisco.

Animal House was founded by Megan Johnson in 2007, who has been working with independent manufacturers to produce organic and high-quality pet food. Animal House offers a wide range of food items such as treats and supplements. It also provides incredible grooming services and other supplies for cats, dogs, birds, and small animals.

Animal House’s organic pet shampoo and grain-free food are the most popular products. They are available at reasonable prices and are made up of organic and natural ingredients. The staff has great knowledge about every product, and they give the best advice according to your requirements. Their prices are comparatively lesser than the other pet stores.

5 . Village Pets & Supplies

Location: 1036 Hyde St., San Francisco.

Village Pets & Supplies has branches in Santa Rosa and San Francisco as well. This popular store was founded and opened by a family in 1998 and has since been operational. Their services and staff are exceptionally professional. They treat every pet with love and care that comes through the door.

The food items at the Village Pets & Supplies are organic and purchased by hundreds of customers on a regular basis. They also have other facilities like bathing and grooming services for cats, dogs, and other small animals. They have a loyal clientele, as all their products are eco-friendly and organic.

Village Pets & Supplies store is famous for adoption and pet care workshops. If you are looking for a store for small animals and dogs, then you should consider this amazing shop.

6 . Pet’s Corner

Location: 3701 Geary Blvd, Ste 102, San Francisco.

Pet’s Corner is another popular pet store in San Francisco. If you own a pet and are living in San Francisco, then you need to know about this organic pet shop. The shop is well decorated and has a beautiful interior. It has a stunning dog statue that also works as a water fountain for thirsty canine customers. Every pet, whether it’s a dog, cat, or bird, is treated with love and care at the store.

Pet’s corner is popular for its all-natural pet food supplies dried, canned, and wet food. The staff at the pet’s corner store is professional and has extensive knowledge about each product. You can purchase raw food, toys, treats, and plenty of bedding from this place for your pet.

Finding a natural-food selling store should not be a problem for you now. Consider any one of the above-mentioned shops for purchasing good-quality natural/organic stuff for your pet. These stores are not only pocket-friendly but also quality product suppliers.

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