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Almost every living creature on this planet requires care and shelter to grow and survive. When
it comes to pets, most people prefer dogs over other animals. Dogs are said to be man’s best
friend because of their close relationships, loyalty, and companionship with humans. No doubt,
most of us would agree with this fact. But unfortunately, we usually want to shop animals from
a pet shop instead of adopting one from a rescue or shelter home. We should show empathy
towards animals, no matter if they are adopted, rescued, or bought from a pet store, as they
are less privileged than us. For a human, it is quite easy to express emotions or report any
violence or abuse, but animals can’t report or fight for their rights. Therefore, we must be kind
to them and respect their fundamental rights.

Nowadays, we have become so insensitive towards our fellow beings that it seems almost
irrational to expect any sort of kindness for animals by humans. However, there are still people
who have a compassionate heart and who are working tirelessly in bringing comfort to animals.
One of them is John Space. This man has rescued around eight to ten dogs, and not only did he
rescue these dogs, but also provided them proper food and shelter and took good care of them.
His wife also assists him in helping and looking after these creatures equally. Isn’t that amazing?

Every ninety-eight seconds, a stray dog is shoot down by a policeman; this means around five
thousand dogs a year are shoot down. But to your surprise, our interviewer John Space himself
is a retired police officer. He belongs to a profession that is all about crime and violent crime
scenes but he has maintained his kind and soft side through all the years he was in service.
Well, let’s hear the story of John Rescue in his own words to know more about this empathetic
man and his journey as well as experience with dogs.


Hi, I am John Rescue. I was a police officer by profession, but now I have retired. I am currently 66 years old, and my wife is 60. Almost three years ago, I decided to make food on my own for dogs instead of purchasing the ready-made ones from the market since they have carcinogens that are a major reason for cancer in dogs. While surfing the internet, I came across Mr. Ross’s website and found very obliging information there. I went through several blogs on their website and witnessed remarkable changes in my dogs by following the instructions mentioned there. I must admit that this site was worth visiting.

People often ask how I am so motivated. Am I fond of keeping dogs, or doing this for a
purpose? The answer is quite simple. There wasn’t any incident as such that inspired me to
rescue dogs; I adored animals since I was a child. I loved spending time and playing with them.
Not only me, but my wife has also always showed concern for dogs and animals in general; she
likes them too. At first, we used to take care of the puppies, but after some time, we also began
to rescue dogs. As far as my memory goes, I have rescued more than nine dogs until now.

Most of the dogs that I rescued were suffering from severe medical conditions. I am retired now, but still, I look after and rescue dogs, considering it to be my new full-time job. Once we found a dog that was in a terrible condition, we brought it home and gave the best possible first-aid we could. After regular checkups and treatment, it recovered and now doing great.

We have allocated a considerable area of our home to our dogs, and we ensure the presence of
someone to look after them 24/7. The youngest dog we own right now is five years old. He is
very playful and amiable.

I still remember the time when we were in Texas. We had only four dogs with us at that time.
Today, the number of dogs we own has risen to ten. Despite being in our sixties, we manage
our dogs entirely by ourselves. This rescue mission was our brainchild and ever since we
started, we have continued to found it ourselves. We have never imagined turning it into
business, nor have we ever asked other people to put their money into our mission.

We are taking care of our dogs independently, and I never demanded a single penny from anyone to help in doing what I like. Some dogs that were suffering from medical illnesses; we managed their expenses all on our own. It was very heart-wrenching for me.

We had a dog that suffered from heart disease and there were a few that had troubled kidneys (his eyes welled up and he thought about the troubled times). It was very painful to see my pups go through so much and many readers who have children of their own or are pet owners would also relate to my experience.

One of my dogs is from North Carolina; one belongs to San Francisco. I brought two of them
from Chicago and four from Texas. I would like to inform the readers that if you own a pet dog, don’t get it vaccinated after seven years of age. I discourage the vaccination of dogs that are older than seven years because, as far as I have observed, at that stage of lifetime, vaccinations might lead to death or allergies. Getting them vaccinated too often can also lead to serious health issues.

My wife and I have left no stone unturned in taking care of our pets, just like we would do for
our children. We believe that our dogs are solely our responsibility, and we are liable for
anything wrong that happens to them because of our carelessness or mistake.
We believe that our dogs are a source of joy and happiness in our lives. We spend a lot of our
time with them. We prepare their meals together and ensure that the food is fresh and made

We have searched for everything that should be made a part of their daily diet. Dogs
need proper food and vitamins, just like us. Fruits are also essential for them. Apples,
blueberries, sweet potatoes, carrots, blackberries, pumpkin, raspberries, etc. are some of the
foods that provide proper nourishment.
We make sure that whatever meal we prepare is well-cooked except blueberries, raspberries,
pumpkin, and spinach, etc. because if you cook these, all vitamins and magnesium will be gone.

These nutrients are healthy for dogs. Besides this, vitamin D and calcium are also a must for
them. We also pay proper attention to their physical appearance and cleanliness. Our dogs
have clean skin, silky, shiny hair, and clear eyes.

I had a bone screw surgery six years ago; I have metal implanted in my back due to which I face difficulty in performing the daily chores, bending is the most difficult. Still, I manage to be with my pets whenever they need me. These dogs are the reason I wake up happy each morning; they keep me motivated.

Each dog will have a different behavior; you must tame them and train them so that they live
together without too many fights. Companions are necessary to have when you have species of
the same kind; they tend to communicate better.
I also try to help others by educating and guiding them about how they can take good care of
their dogs. How should they behave with them, what kind of food they should provide them?
At last, I would like to say that animals deserve to be treated well by humans. All animals are
creatures of God, and they also need love, care, and respect just like us.


So, this was John Rescue. He and his wife, both should be appreciated for their kind work. They are truly concerned about the well-being of these creatures. We have hardly seen a dog owner as loving and caring as John and his wife. There are times when you meet people who are so driven and so good at heart that you start to question your own priorities. This story is not intended for you to also start a rescue center of your own but it should play with the cords of your heart and put some empathy in your heart for animals.

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