Marine Phytoplankton – A Breakthrough in the Treatment of Eczema?

Can Marine Phytoplankton be the cure for Eczema?? From generation to generation there have been breakthroughs in the field of medicine. But now that our environment is showing such disorder, it has been difficult to use the resources of the land which are already exhaustive and have turned impure due to human activities. In the following lines, you should be face to face with the traditional and the newest method for the cure of the disease called Eczema.

Traditional Method

In the traditional method of the treatment of Eczema, there has been a lot of research and the drugs which are used are found to have many major side effects. Some of the drugs are mentioned below:

Corticosteroid, one of the most demanded treatments for Eczema, is also one of the most dangerous drugs with life threatening symptoms. The drugs does promise cure of the disease, but at the cost of numerous side effects such as adrenal suppression, allergic reaction towards the medication, developing mild cataracts which might intensify later, glaucoma, growth retardation, osteoporosis and one of the most important among these is that the termination
of the medication results in resurfacing of Eczema and that too intensified and more infectious.

Antibiotics may prove to be one more alternative to the treatment of Eczema but they have their own list of side effects as well. Our skin is a sensitive layer but it is also responsible for prevention of infection to penetrate layer to the more vulnerable portions of the body. When the skin is penetrated, the bacteria find their way inside and cause damage. The antibiotics are responsible for killing these bacteria. But the side effects must also be taken into consideration which include the fact that they kill the bacteria including the good ones which results in growth of Yeast in our body and thus disrupting the balance with the symptoms such as anger outbursts, anxiety, tiredness and exhaustion at very small intervals, headaches, irritability and skin problems.

Immunosuppressants, is one more dangerous drug which is responsible to take over the functioning of the nervous system, thus preventing us from reacting to the disease. But the fact remains that cutting out the reaction doesn’t cut out the disease, and thus it is one of the most dangerous drugs which is just a supplement for some time. The body is supposed to enrich with the nutrients so that it can cure and not ignore the effects by merely cutting out the pain.

Marine Phytoplankton to the rescue

Phytoplankton has been discovered to be residing in the oceans and possessing rich deposits of healing power. It is also one of the vastest resources that contribute to the oxygen content of the atmosphere which is its main advantage
and most important characteristic. The oxygen has been discovered not only to contribute to the respiration, but the enrichment of oxygen in our body ensures the proper functioning of our body systems, metabolic activities, blood
circulation and proper assimilation of nutrients. Oxygen treatment thus developed have also proved boon to various other diseases such as Hepatitis, Pneumonia, Cancers, Asthma and the list goes on and on.

Marine phytoplankton is responsible for maintaining the pH balance of our bodies and keeping it static between the idea limit of 8 to 8.5. Eczema being caused by accumulation of toxins, and lack of minerals, can be cured by phytoplankton which is rich in oxygen and densely packed with nutrients thus curing the imbalances which have occurred. Thus it provides the body the arsenal to clear the toxins itself and thus curing the diseases naturally. In this way marine phytoplankton is expected to be the new breakthrough in the world of medicine.


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