Story Article – Frank Lapniewski


“Man shapes his self through decisions that shape his environment.”

Hello and welcome everyone! Hope you are doing well. Most of you would agree with the above-mentioned statement, but there are a very few people who put in the required efforts to make our environment healthy, better and worth living. We are glad to introduce you with one of these concerned, enthusiastic and dedicated personalities here.

Frank Lapniewski is a role model for many of us. He has contributed a lot in making this world a healthier place, to reside in, through his number of small and big offerings. It took him years to come up with these amazing products. He has produced many unique products which have facilitated people a lot, in reducing or completely fading many environmental problems that most of us might have overlooked.

Today, he is a manufacturer of several unique products such as organic fertilizers, cat litter deodorizer and an amazing product that cleanses fish pond. No doubt this man is a genius!

Mr. Ros Cat Litter Deodorizer

All the products he had manufactured are natural, organic, and made up of microbes. For those who are not familiar with the term “organic” and “microbes”; the term organic, suggests that the products are made with plant based ingredients. Microbes are those healthy bacteria that live in our body and don’t harm us but instead help us in digestion of food as well as protect us against infections and illnesses.

The struggle behind these inventions is as massive as the benefits of these products. Such creations require a lot of hard work, sleepless nights and selflessness. So let’s hear the story of Frank Lapniewski in his own words.


I am Frank Lapniewski, 67 years old. Almost 10 years ago, I met a man of great knowledge and started working with him. I learnt a lot in his company, we worked together on a daily basis and it was that I found the real ingenuity. He was my mentor and everything for me.

I was blessed with a very good fortune and had everything that a man desires for but then I was at the stage where self-actualization was all I could ask for. Then wanted to do something that doesn’t only make me happy but could bring smiles on other’s faces as well.

I started becoming concerned about the environmental issues that were spreading worldwide. Also have seen trash and garbage floating in streams; on paths, streets, in gardens and almost everywhere. Soon I speculated how I could contribute in making our surroundings better. I knew that what I was trying to do was quite far from reality, it was not easy and at times it seemed impossible but my ambition was much stronger than my doubts.

I started studying and researched about this issue more critically. Soon I discovered that one of the root causes of such environmental conditions was nutrient runoff. One more thing that disturbed me a lot was the efforts and hard work that the farmers put in growing crops for us that are basic necessity of our life. But the return that they usually get can’t even pay off 20% of their efforts. I needed to do something for them as well. I wished people to appreciate their hard work and make their margin better.

In short, I was interested in the field of agriculture and the role it plays in making environment better. So, I came up with the idea of producing some unique goods such as chemical fertilizers and fish tank cleaners that can assist the farmers and at the same time reduce the dangerous and hazardous effects of pollution. These products are environment-friendly.

I always wanted my creations to be unique but at the same time more beneficial than the rest. Things like market competition never bothered me because my sole aim was to assist the farmers by increasing their productivity. We (I and my team) started this with just a micro plan and now by the grace of God we have made it better day by day. Now, we perform elaborated testing procedures in our laboratory.

Till now all the products we have come up with are quite unique but among all of them Flora is the bestseller. It is a micro combo fertilizer, a winning combination which our customers love amazingly. It offers more productivity within less time and is very economical.

However, this isn’t it. I am motivated for launching new products and business units on micro level. My objective is to generate more output and encourage the farmers. What I believe is that farmers have a lot of challenges. They always look for better ways. They are very nice and intelligent people; we should care about them. Farming requires dedication and it should be appreciated.

None of us would like to live in or nearby a place that is dirty, polluted, messy, and unhealthy or stinks. We all want a home that is clean and hygienic, how can we not be bothered about the unhealthy condition of our planet, which is our universal home? I think that all of us should come on one page and try to work more seriously on making our planet worth living. If we won’t understand the consequences of the pollution, we won’t be able to survive for long. Let’s
do something progressive to save and give our upcoming generation a healthy place to dwell in, which is their biological right.

At last I would like to say that if you think you don’t have enough money or resources to contribute for a healthy environment at an industrial level, than please don’t. There are other ways too. Start investing in reusable items rather than disposable, stop using paper products this will help in contributing in deforestation. Moreover, save water and electricity and buy environment friendly goods. Such little contributions at personal level, when practiced by
millions of people, can put a huge impact on the whole world.

So my message to all is, let’s start thinking for our fellow beings. Let’s start thinking about our younger generation. Let’s start thinking about our planet that has provided us with a lot of natural resources, for billions of years, let’s start doing good. Start healthy living.


So, this was Frank Lapniewski. You would have realized till now that he is a very compassionate and soft-hearted guy. We truly respect his ideology and hope that he gets more success. It takes a lot of courage and diligence to come up with something that will not only save one but also the entire world from a situation that can affect the whole planet in a negative way.

We read and hear a lot about unhealthy environment, the gradual loss of ozone, pollution; diseases it may cause and its side effects. But we usually end up distracting ourselves from this issue and avoiding it by getting busy with our day to day needs or hectic schedules. But the question is, are we doing the right thing?

We need more people like Frank Lapniewski and try to contribute as much as we can by providing physical or financial aid. He is surely an inspiration for all of us.