MCT Powder: What Is It and How Does It Help The Body

Mr Ros MCT Oil Powder

Superfood and supplement buffs already know it, but for those who don’t: good MCT powder is made out of sustainable non-GMO rapeseed oil and non-GMO palm oil. And YES, Mr. Ros’ MCT Oil Powder is non-GMO and sustainable!

MCT powder helps you burn fat for energy instead of sugar, while also improving cognitive function, overall energy levels and focus. MCT powder has similar characteristics as MCT oil, meaning there is no difference between them other than one is a liquid and the other a solid. For example, a serving of MCT powder has as much medium chain triglycerides and fat as its liquid form.

How is MCT powder made?

MCT oil is subjected to dietary fiber and anti-caking agents until it becomes an extremely milled powder that’s easy to blend. MCT powder can be added to various foods and protein shakes.

In the past, the majority of MCT powder added to foods and supplements contained a plethora amount of sugar and fat. And, if you’re trying to eat healthy, this could negate any benefits. However, MCT powder no longer comprises of maltodextrin, which is great for people trying to eat healthy including low carb diet followers.

What Kinds of Benefits Do You Get With The MCT Powder?

There is a host of reasons to include MCT, whether it’s in powder or oil form, into your diet:

  • Baking – You can add MCT into any of your favorite foods.
  • Convenience – You can easily pack several tablespoons of the powder into a container to be used as you see fit.
  • Rapid Nutritional Ketosis – MCT can boost fat loss, increase energy levels and reduce your cravings for carbs.
  • Easily Mixable – MCT powder won’t float or clump at the top of your drink.
  • No Flavor – MCT powder doesn’t alter the taste of foods or drinks.
  • Tolerable – Many people cannot use MCT oil because it leads to stomach upset.

Who Can Use MCT Powder? How Can It Be Taken?

The supplement is ideal for any person who is on a low-carb diet or wants to attain the benefits of medium chain triglycerides.

MCT powder can be used anytime you want to add ketone boosting fats to your diet. It can be added to protein shakes, hot chocolate, soups, sauces and baked goods. When you do high-intensity workouts, you can add them to your water to give you some extra mental and physical energy.

MCT can also be used when fasting. Sure, you do add calories during this time, but these are burned off rapidly. They also provide you with mental clarity and energy until the fast is over. If you’re tired during a fasting, add a little MCT powder to your water to kickstart your metabolism.

It doesn’t matter why you choose to use MCT powder because it’s effective and easy to use.

Mr. Ros’ MCT powder is easily tolerated by the stomach without distressing it.

Are They Any Carbs or Protein In The MCT Powder?

If you plan on buying MCT powder, make sure you look at the carb and protein amount. MCT powder does not have any carbs or protein in it.

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