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John’s wife and John have always had an affinity for animals, especially dogs.  They have been rescuing dogs together for 40 years.  They have 10 dogs at the moment.

9 of them are rescues while his 16 year old parsons russell terrier, charlie, we raised from 6 weeks old. Never give them up!  They get better food and more attention than any human being I know. All of them mean everything to John and his wife. The last two they got were from friends who passed away and He had promised to take care of their dogs if anything happened to them.  The other fur babies come from high kill shelters.  John says “believe me when I say we only think we rescue them,  they rescue us.”

Soy Lecithin Powder: What Is It and How Good Is It For The Body?

Soy Lecithin Deoiled Organic Powder

If you’re into reading food labels, you may have come across the ingredient “soy lecithin.” What is it though? It’s a food additive that conventional and healthy food manufacturers often use. The problem is the knee-jerk reaction people get when they see the word soy lecithin, only because of the word “soy.”

There are three kinds of people when it comes to soy and soy products:

• Those who love it
• Those who can’t stand it
• Those who have no idea what soy really is

Earlier, we spoke about Sunflower Deoiled Lecithin Powder. Today, it’s time to talk about Soy Lecithin Powder.

What Exactly Is Soy Lecithin?

If you did a quick search of soy lecithin, you’d be taken to sites that mention 19th century France. It was Theodore Gobley, a French chemist who discovered and isolated soy lecithin in 1846. Lecithin, as it turns out, is a term given to the naturally-occurring fatty compounds seen in plant and animal tissues.

Lecithin, which was found through isolating egg yolk, is comprised of the following:

• Glycerol
• Fatty acids
• Choline
• Phosphoric acids
• Triglycerides
• Phospholipids
• Glycolipids

Now, it can be extracted from various sources including but not limited to:

• Milk
• Cottonseed
• Soybeans
• Sunflower

While it’s mainly used as a liquid, it’s purchasable in granule form.

Most lecithin use is focused on its ability for being an emulsifier. How many times have you heard that oil and water just do not mix?

When oil and water are mixed together, the droplets of oil will spread out and evenly dissolved. After the shaking ends, the oil will separate once more from the water.

Lecithin keeps this from happening. Instead, the oil breaks down into tiny particles during the emulsification process, which means oil droplets become easier to digest or clean.

Many medicine, supplement and processed food manufacturers use soy lecithin to give their products a smooth look. Since it can emulsify fat, it’s often used in soaps and non-stick cooking sprays.

What Are The Benefits Of Soy Lecithin?

There’s been an extensive array of research supporting the health benefits of soy lecithin. Many people refer to lecithin as being “essential” to cells. And, for that reason, it’s used as an additive in a great number of medicines. Although it does have some side effects, the benefits that it can provide to various diseases outweigh those risks.

What are some the diseases soy lecithin has been shown to help with?

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Dementia
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Gall bladder disorders
• Hypercholesterolemia
• Liver disorders

Of each of the conditions, it appears that dietary soy lecithin supplements are the most connected in reducing hyperlipidemia and affecting lipid metabolism.

What Scientists Have To Say About Soy Lecithin

A 2010 study covered in the Cholesterol journal looked at LDL and total cholesterol levels of patients with hypocholesteremia levels after being given soy lecithin. 30 study volunteers took 500mg of soy lecithin each day, and what the study found was pretty amazing.

• After one month, a drop of 40.66% in whole cholesterol
• After two months, a drop of 42% of whole cholesterol
• After one month, a drop in LDL of 42.05%
• After two months, A drop in LDL of 56.15%

Besides that, it appears to boost the body’s immunity functions, especially for people with diabetes.

Brazilian researchers found that taking a soy lecithin supplement every day led to a 29% increase in macrophage activity in rats (white blood cells that overtook foreign debris). They also found that the amount of lymphocyte increased 92% in rats that weren’t diabetic.

Why Is Soy Lecithin So Beneficial To Your Health?

Researchers found it has a compound called phosphatidylserine, which is a common phospholipid that is found in the animal and plant cell membranes. This compound has an effect on the two stress hormones cortisol and ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone), by decreasing the reaction to physical stress.
German researchers looked at how phosphatidylserine that came from soy lecithin measured up, they look at the effects of soy lecithin phosphatidylserine and phosphatidic acid complex (PAS) supplementation on stress hormones. The trial involved 200 people, given doses of 400mg, 600mg and 800mg of PAS in groups of 20. What they learned what the PAS have positive effects on the human awareness but that it was dependent upon the dose.

That dose was 400mg.

400mg of PAS was extremely effective in reducing or hindering cortisol and ACTH levels than the 600mg and 800mg doses were.

Other Important Facts About Soy Lecithin

Soy lecithin, which has been known to come from soybean oil, has the following nutritional content in one cup:

• Choline – 763mg
• Vitamin K – 501%
• Vitamin E – 89% of daily value
• 1:8 omega-3: omega-6 ratio

One of the latest nutrients to be added to soy lecithin is choline, which is known to have an array of health benefits, and had a big role in methylation. What is methylation? It’s the process in which every cell is affected and helps in the transference of a methyl group to DNA, enzymes and amino acids.

It’s important to the health as it helps to thwart the development of various conditions including but not limited:

• Alzheimer’s disease
• Cancer
• Cardiovascular disease
• Chronic inflammation and fatigue
• Diabetes
• Fertility and miscarriages
• Psychiatric disorders

Our Soy Lecithin Deoiled Organic Powder is produced in China by an esteemed German company, using organic non-GMO fluid soybean lecithin as raw material. The manufacturing facility holds special non-GMO certifications based on the Eurofins Preservation Control IP program Standard. With our Soy Lecithin Deoiled Organic Powder you’ll be getting the best quality powder in the market.

Phytoplankton: What Are They and What Nutrients Do They Have

Phyto4Life Marine Phytoplankton

Many people make the mistake of assuming that phytoplankton are plants. However, like seaweed, it’s not. Phytoplankton is actually a microalgae and plankton, which are freshwater and marine organisms that are minute in size and unable to swim against currents.

This type of plankton have parts that are similar to plants (animal-like plankton are called zooplankton). Bacterioplankton help to absorb nutrients in the water.

Not A Seaweed Or Ocean Plant

Remember, phytoplankton are not seaweed or ocean plants. They’re not plants or animals. Instead, they are considered protists, which includes any group of unique eukaryotic (mainly unicellular microscopic organisms).

The sun provides the phytoplankton with energy whereas their nutrients are attained from water. About 50% to 85% of the planet’s oxygen is generated by this kind of plankton process; the rest of it is generated by the land plant photosynthesis.

How Can You Use Phytoplankton?

There are different ways to attain phytoplankton in your diet: liquid supplement form, and powdered or capsule format.

If you’re using the concentrated green supplements, placing it under the tongue is typically the best way in which to attain the benefits. Should you find this method too strong, adding it to water or juice may be necessary. The supplement can be added to salad dressings, smoothies and other things.

Any phytoplankton product needs to be stored in a dry, cool location.

What Are The Nutritional Values Of Phytoplankton?

Phytoplankton has a plethora of nutrients including but not limited to:

〈 Amino acids
〈 Antioxidants
〈 Carotenoids
〈 Minerals
〈 Omega-3 essential fatty acids
〈 Phytonutrients
〈 Protein
〈 Vitamins

Phytoplankton is known to have an alkaline pH. If your diet consists of soda, refined sugar, processed foods and other things, it can cause acidity levels to rise in the body. If you want an alkaline diet, adding phytoplankton to your diet is something to consider.

Marine Phytoplankton-Medicine of the Future

Micro Algae Nannochloropsis (Marine Phytoplankton)

“The future of nutrition is found in the ocean.” — Jacques Yves Cousteau

The Food and Medicine of the Future

Marine phytoplankton makes up one quarter of all vegetation, both land and sea. According to NASA, it provides up to 90% of the oxygen in the air that we breathe. In essence, marine phytoplankton produces more oxygen than all of the Earth’s forests combined. All the scientific research indicates that marine phytoplankton may be the single most important food on planet Earth; not only because of the nutritional content of the phytoplankton, but also due to the fact that marine phytoplankton is food for everything on Earth — it is the very meaning of food.”

Marine Pytoplankton is an Excellent Source of Energy

Normally, our bodies have to break down everything we eat into little packets of protein, sugar, fats and oils. These items are then then put into one end of the mitochondria factory, which then come out the other side as tiny energy units called nucleotides. These are ATP, ADP, AGP, etc. These nucleotides are the currency of the cell — which means they are biological battery packets that are used to produce cellular energy. The nucleotides in phytoplankton actually bypass the mitochondria production factory altogether because phytoplankton nucleotides directly feed the cell with the energy. For this reason, a cell can produce energy quickly and effectively without having to use up all the energy required during the digestion process.

The effect of taking medium to high dosages of marine phytoplankton daily, will be increased energy with no stimulation. The ATP and other nucleotides found in the plankton turn directly into energy once they are in the human body. This makes marine phytoplankton the leading superfood product in the world.  The ones who will benefit most from it are those needing to work extra hard in high-stress environments without sleep and who require long-term energy and focus, without stimulants. In this department, marine phytoplankton is unsurpassed. 

Marine Phytoplankton Contains:

  • Chlorophyll (type A)
  • EPA (Eicosapentaenoic omega 3 essential fatty acids)
  • Astaxanthin and Canthaxanthin
  • Phospholipids
  • Beta carotene and zeaxanthin
  • Violaxanthin, antheraxanthin, vaucheriaxanthin
  • Complete protein
  • Coq9

Get The Most From Your Supplements

Leave the Multivitamin Behind

For many years traditional multivitamins were the favorite among supplement and vitamin users. They are affordable and incorporate a wide range of vitamins and minerals. In theory the multivitamin sounds like a great idea. You have multiple vitamins that you need to take anyway, so why not take them all at one time in one pill, right? What many supplement users, and manufactures, have found out is that one pill for everything doesn’t always do the trick, and you may be missing out on some nutritional or health benefits due to the one-size-fits-all dynamic of the pill. Today, many supplement users know that finding the right supplement that yields the specific results they are looking for is the best way to go.

Multivitamins, calcium, vitamin B’s, vitamin C, iron, potassium, magnesium, Echinacea, and garlic extracts are all examples of vitamin that have decreased in usage. The reasoning behind the decline is why take only a vitamin C capsule, tablet, or powder when you can take a supplement from a natural plant such as the Acerola cherry? The Acerola cherry has all the benefits of vitamin C like the intense immune function, but then it also helps with anti-aging of the skin, heart health, prevention of age related diseases, it provides digestive support and has antioxidant properties. All of those benefits can come from taking one supplement. One!

Scientists and researchers have been working for many years to show and prove the benefits of using all natural supplements that provide more than one primary benefit. The popularity of supplements such as Acai berry, protein powders, moringa leaf, and Marine Phytoplankton has risen while those of beta-carotene, vitamin E, and ginseng have decreased over the last decade or so.

There is also a lot of versatility that comes with using the all natural supplements. You are no longer tied to a large pill that you have to take three-times a day if you don’t want to be, nor do you have to try to drink down a disgusting sugary, sometimes thick, drink that is supposed to be a natural supplement infused with “great taste”. Now, with the newer and improved supplements you are able to add them to things like salad dressing, ice cream, smoothies, seasoning, and even some baked goods. This was something that was unheard of twenty years ago, but now the producers of these natural health supplements have found what works best for today’s lifestyle of healthy living.

I am sure your parents and grandparents are and were lovely people, but the days of taking those types of supplements have passed. It is time for you to get the most out of your supplement, and try a more natural supplement that targets more than just one area of your health.

Contact us below with any questions or comments you may have.

The Top 3 Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

There are so many people out there in the world who are struggling with tiredness, stress, lack of motivation, and general low energy. These four elements can have a negative effect on many aspects of your life like relationships and interactions between friends and family, the ability to effectively and efficiently handle your work load, and your desire to get out in the world and enjoy life. The good news is there are a few basic things you can do to improve your energy levels, and enjoy your life a little bit more.

Reduce Stress

The best thing you can do in life is keep your stress levels down. Being stressed out is exhausting! I know that can be hard to do with children, trying to keep spouses and significant others happy, working on the big project at the job, and pushing to be all you can be in the world. It can be a lot and quite overwhelming. The best thing you can do is take deep breaths in those high stress moments, and find a time, a place, and a way to have moments of relaxation. Yoga, tai chi, mediation, stress counseling, kick boxing (or intense exercise in general) are all great ways to relieve some of that stress that is built up inside of you, and give you more energy. Reducing, or removing the stress all together, will help give you the energy needed for the things you enjoy in life.

Watch What You Eat

Have you ever heard the saying you are what you eat? When you eat fatty, sugar-loaded foods with zero nutritional value, you are going to find yourself feeling lethargic and low on energy. That is because these foods do not break down into sustainable energy in the body. Also eating large meals can make you feel fatigued and sleepy, as your body has to work much harder to process and break down those foods. Eating smaller meals low in artificial fat content, and eating small snacks throughout the day will help your brain get the steady supply of nutrients it needs to keep it and you body functioning at its highest level.

Take All Natural Supplements

There is an overwhelming amount of supplements out there in the marketplace, but you want to find the most natural supplements that will help to increase your energy levels. Supplements like marine phytoplankton and sunflower lecithin, and vitamins such as B and niacin all help with boosting energy. How these boost your energy is by directly affecting the metabolic process. Ultimately, the faster the body can metabolize and absorb the nutrients from the supplements and food, the more energy you can possibly have. Making sure your body has the nutrients it needs to function at its highest level may require you to take supplements, and when you choose the right one you and your body will notice a difference.

You do not have to suffer from low energy levels any longer. By reducing your stress, watching what you eat, and taking your supplements you will notice your energy levels shoot through the roof.

For more information about our all natural supplements, visit us on Amazon. Contact us below with any questions or comments you may have.




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