Fight Against Corona Virus and Other Viruses

Coronavirus made headlines all over the world as it spread throughout China and many other countries. The most asked question is how to prevent it and its quarantine. If someone lives anywhere near an area that has reported cases, the first logical thing to do is to get themselves tested for coronavirus and if tested negative, then to leave that area on the top priority. It is recommended to properly wash hands often with soap for at least 25 seconds or use hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol content. The other important precaution to take is to use tissue or cough or sneeze in the bend of your arm.

While it is emphasized to avoid public places, the use of a mask is recommended in case public dealing cannot be avoided. Even though there are many precautions that are advised to be observed, the most important thing that is usually overlooked is how to strengthen the immune system to fight off the coronavirus, flu, and other types of cold. This article will talk about some of the easiest ways to build a strong immune system.

Healthy Diet

The immune system is designed to resist sickness and any virus attack. It works in different ways to detect and destroy any foreign element in the body, including parasite, viruses, or cancer cells. But there are many factors that wear out a person’s immune system such as stress, lack of physical exercise, intake of toxins, and unhealthy eating habits. Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire and it is very important to build up the immune system to fight off this virus. Consumption of a well-balanced, healthy diet comprising of fruits and vegetables can help with increasing the efficiency of the immune system. A proper diet should include the intake of minerals and vitamins such as vitamin D, vitamin B, and zinc. Greens and fruits are best for strengthing the immune system.

Exercise and Fitness

According to many studies, fitness goes hand in hand with a strong immune system. Incorporating regular exercising habits in daily life improves cardiovascular health, maintains body weight, controls blood pressure, and protects against numerous diseases. Moving regularly in daily life like taking stairs instead of elevators, performing yoga, walking dogs; improves the blood circulation through the body which in turn helps the immune system to perform its job more efficiently. However, it is important to make sure not to go overboard with exercise, which might cause inflammation in the body and drive the immune system into overexertion. Physical activity helps in reducing the chance of catching a cold, flu, and other infections by flushing bacteria out of the lungs. The rise in body temperature during and after physical exercise helps fight the growth of bacteria and infection.
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A Goodnight’s Sleep

There are many pieces of research that have shown that lack of sleep has the same effect on the brain as over-drinking. Research also shows that poor sleep may lead to cardiovascular problems in the longer run. Sleep is directly linked to the immune system. A number of studies show that having a good night’s sleep improves T cells that help with the body’s immunity. T cells are a type of cell that fights virus-infected cells in the body. When T cells in the body recognize an infected cell, they activate a sticky type of protein called integrin that attaches itself to the infected cell and kills it.

An experiment was conducted in which a group of volunteers was made to sleep and another group was made to stay awake throughout the night. They found that the groups that stayed awake had a lower level of integrin activation than those who slept well. This indicates that sleep is very important to fight off viruses and improve the overall immune system.

Dealing with Stress

Stress has an adverse effect on the immune system. When under stress, the brain prepares the body for fight or flight against the source of stress. These reactions weaken the response of immune system if experienced over a longer period. Though there a few side effects for temporary stress, if experienced over a longer period of time, it can put a person at risk of various diseases such as heart diseases, upset digestion, and high blood pressure.

There are many ways to deal with stress. When feeling burned out, it is important to take a break and analyze how the problem can be solved with an open mind. Meditation is another method that is getting popular amongst the public to relieve stress. There are many techniques preached over centuries to perform meditation with the same goal of calming the mind and avoiding stressful thoughts. Having a clear mind and a healthy lifestyle boosts the performance of the immune system.

Use of Sunflower Lecithin

There are a number of vitamins, fats, and minerals that help in strengthening the immune system. One type of fat which plays an important role in the functioning of the immune system is the use of sunflower lecithin. Consumption of lecithin might improve the immune functions, particularly with people suffering from diabetes.
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Role of Vitamin C

Another vitamin that is known to strengthen the immune function is vitamin C. The Human body doesn’t produce vitamin C, so it must come from the food or supplements that are consumed on a daily basis. Research shows that vitamin C is important in the growth and repair of the body’s tissues. Since vitamin C is an antioxidant, it helps in fighting off cancer and heart diseases. Along with many supplements, citrus fruits are a natural source that contains a high percentage of vitamin C. Acerola is an exceptional source for it. Vitamin content in 100g acerola is almost 20 times more than that of 100g of oranges.

Vitamin C helps with the production of white blood cells in the body that fights off infections and protects them against free radicals that in turn, increases the efficiency of the immune system against various viruses. Andrew Saul presented a case study that showed that a woman suffering from HIV and other life-threatening diseases consumed vitamin C for two decades and came out completely healthy. 

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Liposomal Vitamin C

When taken in high doses, the absorption of Vitamin C in the body becomes a problem since only a fifth of the vitamin is absorbed, and the rest stays in the colon. Unabsorbed vitamin C causes gastrointestinal issues and upsets the stomach. To tackle this issue, many people use liposomal technology. Liposomes are phospholipid containing vitamin C at their core. Phospholipid encapsulates the vitamin C. It allows it to bypass SVCT-1 transporter and release directly into the blood circulation; this increases the absorption by many folds.
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A strong immune system is very important against the breakout of coronavirus. All the measures taken should work towards strengthening the immune system to minimize the risk of being affected and to live a healthy life. In addition to following the above-mentioned steps, reducing the consumption of alcohol and quitting smoking is also essential to strengthen the immune system. Rest is a simple solution that can also be used to recover faster.  

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Own fitness room

Life today has become hectic and full of hassle. Keeping up with jobs, along with family and home chores, seems very difficult to manage. While managing all of these, we tend to ignore the most important aspect of our lives, i.e., health and fitness. People usually compromise on these to keep up with daily tasks. This, in the longer run, proves to be very risky for health resulting in diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity.

A regular exercise regime is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But it is tough to spare time to hit the gym regularly. Going to the gym incurs an additional cost in the monthly bill. In the case of these expenses things, there is good news. You can saving money by creating own fitness room by investing in gym equipment. It is now easier than ever to buy fitness gear online and that too at very affordable rates.

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Core sliders are used to engage the abdominal area during exercise. Synergee core sliders are of top quality and are compact and convenient, making them the best choice for those always on the go. It challenges every movement which engages core muscles, making them strong. It can be the perfect addition to your gym equipment at home.

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Medicine balls that improve sports performance and muscular power are available in different sizes by Amazon basics. Certainly are used for upper and lower body exercises and helps in strengthening the core and improving balance. Add this to your fitness gear and see instant results.

Gorilla Grip Original Premium Thick Kneeling Pad, Comfortable Foam Mat to Kneel On

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Kneeling pads are yet another essential accessory to own if a person is into fitness. These Gorilla Grip kneeling pads are durable, versatile, and 1.5 inches thick to give you comfort. You can use this for yoga, exercise, and many other activities. These are also water-resistant.

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Neck Problems: Forward Head Posture

From using a laptop in bed to hovering over phones throughout the day, we missue our neck by either tilting it in an awkward position or hanging it for a long time. As a result, the neck bears a number of problems out of which Forward Head Posture (FHP) is the biggest one. The neck is set in a poking-out posture where you can observe excessive extension in the upper thoracic regions and lower cervical vertebrae, and in the upper cervical vertebrae.

This condition is known as Forward Head Posture (FHP). An ideal straight posture supports aligned body parts and joints, which require minimum stress, while the tiniest energy is required to stand up. This condition may accompany other posture deficiencies, including the extension of shoulders, leveling of the lower cervical spine, and turning of the upper back. These uncomfortable statures may develop a headache, shoulder pain, neck ache, muscle tenderness and stiffness, and craniofacial pain.

The ill-impacts of such bad neck posture may evolve into much severe muscle stiffness, over the course of time and with age. The extra work that the cervical spine has to put in supporting the head compels many of the attached muscles to work harder in support. If it continues over a long span of time, your muscles will lose their balance and may find it struggling to support the head for straight-ahead vision. As a result, some of the muscles may become tight and short, while others are weak and elongated.
Forward Head Posture can protrude in response to a number of reasons, as follows:

  • Sleeping with a high-held head
  • Using the phone with head hanging down, for a long course of time
  • Unsupportive ergonomic alignment, slouching; due to gravitational effect
  • An occupational routine that requires backward or forward leaning of the head for a number of hours every day, wrong sitting position during computer use
  • Result of lumbar spine and pelvic posture
  • Underdeveloped or weak back muscles, providing less support
  • Texting posture out of habit

Weak and Long Muscles

Forward Head Posture may result in weak and elongated muscles. The following are targeted in order to relieve neck pain and correcting the forward head posture. Your doctor may prescribe therapies or medicine that will empower. Depending on your needs, Usually other related muscles may also require special attention.

Erector Spinae

These extensor are attached to the upper thoracic and lower cervical spine. These have a vital job to straighten and rotate the spine. If these lose their strength, they may become unsupportive in keeping the back and neck from hunching.

Deep Cervical Flexors

Namely the longus colli and longus capitus, these muscles are lined with the cervical spine and keep the neck in a steady position. In case become weak, you may develop a condition called Chin Poking, as the cervical flexors may lengthen due to chin losing their original position. 

Shoulder Blade Retractors

The upper back has rhomboid and trapezius muscles that support the chest and back to stay in good posture. In case these become weak, they cannot help but bring the posture in forward position and hunch the shoulders.

Tight and Short Muscles

These either tighten or shorten due to forward head posture. When targeting FHP, these muscles are stretched for improvement. Shortness or length of muscle may vary depending on the imbalance and certain other factors as well.

Levator Scapulae Muscles

These are located along the side and back of the neck; they stretch all the way from the upper cervical spine towards the scapula. These muscles are responsible for lifting the scapula and support in making many of the neck movements. These also may decrease in length if the shoulder blade starts tilting forward, or rotate in an upward direction due to rounded shoulders.

Chest Muscles

Thus, with roundness of shoulders, the upper back muscles become long, and chest muscles become tight as they shorten. One of these muscles is the pectoralis minor chest muscles that are two thin triangle shaped muscles.

Suboccipital Muscles

These are 4 in number and connect the top of the cervical spine with the lower back side of the skull.  Their job is to support head extension and rotation. Their job is to constantly contract in order to support the head in holding up and to look ahead in the straight posture.

Impact of Forward Head Posture

As an examples, there are a number of consequences that your body has to face as a result of bad neck posture;

  • Decrease in the height while increase in the dorsal kyphosis
  • Reduced range of cervical spine along with motion
  • Feeling of chronic pain, fatigue and muscle ischaemia
  • Formation of osteophyte and early disc generation
  • Join inflammation and temporomandibular joint pain
  • Tension Headache
  • Limited range of arm and shoulder motion, may experience decreased vital capacity
  • Nerve compression and probable projection of nucleus pulposus

Muscle Pain and Forward Head Posture Symptoms

Although palpable symptoms may take time to appear, the early stage symptoms of FHP can include the following:

Muscle Soreness

You may experience an achy or dull pain in the nape of the neck that may spread across sides and back of the shoulder, upper back, or even head.

Severe Pain

In the beginning stage, the neck muscles either feel the tightness or go into spasm; this will result in the sensation of burning or sharp pain. usually, you may feel intense neck pain that may become worse with certain positions, lying on sides, or tilting your neck with a certain movement. The origin of the pain is centralized; it could be the base of the skull, neck sides, or beneath the shoulders.

Muscle Tightness

Your muscles may experience tightness or exhausted Regulary of overworking, being wrongly positioned for a long time, and trigger point pain in response to inflammation like a herniated disc or because of an injury. Gradually, due to less muscle mobility and pain, your neck movement may become limited and eventually stiff.

Trigger Point Pain

Usually, these points are commonly found along the base of the neck, likewise you may experience pain down the shoulders or in the neck. This kind of neck pain may become intense upon touching. It can be the result of stretched or tender muscles. According to some researches, trigger point pain is more likely to occur in people who have frequent headaches or migraines.  

In the mean time, neck problem if not treated, afterward permanent muscle pain that may stretch across nerve roots, joints, or discs. Futhermore put additional stress facet joints, vertebrae, and may speed up spinal degeneration.

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